Touched By The Words Of The President

By email from a reader (EFR)

This morning, you helped me reinforcing my credibility. I don’t know about you, but my children are absolutely convince that we, as parents, are always wrong. They want to explore and we want to keep them in leash. They want to be free to do what pleased them, and we are imposing rules: why school ? How can it be more important than video games? I Particularly appreciated the words on training, because my kids, do want to be the best…. instantly. Training is just another trick for parents to show their authority.
So the more voices coming from outside our family box the merrier, Including the voice of a President. When HIllary Clinton said to ” Raise a Child It Needs a Village” I don’t remember any outrage. 

Our School district in California, didn’t play double standard.  As a Public service they didn’t act like some kind of private school annex. Public schools, have a mission of education that prevents them to denied freedom of speech to the elected President of the Country. Our smart School district proposed an alternate activity for children excluded from the regular program by their parents.
“Exclusion” is the keyword. Some folks are working toward exclusion instead of inclusion. And Christians, practicing this betrayal of faith, are showing an unstable spiritual condition discrediting the entire core of their actions and judgment.
Beyond the religiously-disrespect-of-their-religion there is the obvious life disfunctionality which goes along with the practice of exclusion. Face it, if a limb is “excluded” from a body, it’s call disability. If brain cells are “excluded” it’s call pathologically challenged. Narrow minded individuals, voluntarily restricting their field of thoughts and action are growing these days. Although exclusion is not an enhancing process, it is a shrinking and limiting one. How useful can that be to a country proud to have an extended influence on the world? A country that teaches that the only limit is the sky.
Was it not the message of the President this morning? After the speech, my 7th grader shared his impression.
Me: How was the speech?
Him: Shorter than I thought.
Me: What did he say?
Him: that we need to work hard to create innovations, to keep America leader of the World, and also to be able to live the life we want. I mentioned afterward, that I was hearing the same message since I entered first grade.
Me: And what were the other kids saying?
Him: they don’t care. You know most of them don’t process anything that can motivate them.

And I thought, keeping children motivated is a parenting skills that takes time and concern. Today the President of our country, took time out of his over loaded schedule to speak to the school children with words similar to those of any parents in their right mind. Showing that he cares. Cares for them, and cares for the future they represent.

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