Exposing Political Lies

By Global Reportage students team.

The level of lies polluting the heart and soul of this country is highly concerning. Everyone knows that politicians can’t be trusted. Like mermaids, they put spells on us. Hypnotized by their tricks we are now believing words over facts. These professionals of mass manipulation are taking us for fools. By following them like a horde of cheeps, we prove day after day that they are right.

Today the US Democratic Party, invites us to go fishing for gross lies at meeting, rallies and every political arenas in the country. Turning all modern technology users into a soldier of Truth armed with camcorders, recorders, pocket camera to capture and report.

I can see a You Tube channel: Public Lies Debunked, by citizens.truth. Not only an endless source of material for Late Night Shows, Colbert and SNL, but a chance to expose the lies infiltrating this country like a rampant calamity taking over our sanity.

Here is the call by “Shauna Daly, Democrats.org” wrote:

” With Congress’s August recess now under way, Republican members of Congress are starting to show up at Tea Party events and campaign rallies all over the country.

We saw last year during the fight for health reform that this is a time when the extremists run rampant. Remember “death panels?”

This year, Republicans are looking to have it both ways, trying to appeal to independent voters while making promises to the Tea Party crowd to pursue an extreme right-wing agenda if they regain control of Congress.

Who knows what’s being said when the cameras aren’t running? We don’t — but I sure wish we did.

That’s where the “Accountability Project” comes in. It’s a platform for citizens to document Republican candidates and their public statements at local events, as well as their campaign tactics.

The Accountability Project allows you to submit videos, recordings, and other items for publication online, so that candidates see that there’s a cost to their dishonest statements — and so that everyday citizens can see what their Republican candidates for office are saying.

We need people like you to take the lead. Sign up today to be a part of the Accountability Project here.

The American people deserve an honest debate — and far too often, candidates try to make misleading attacks and false claims under the radar.

This project seeks to shine a light on those practices, and you have a crucial role to play in making it happen.

There are several ways in which folks can participate:

— If you have anything that can record video — from a cell phone to a video camera — you can go to public events and record what candidates say.

— If you receive any sort of mailings or literature from candidates, you can post them online for all to see.

— And if you hear of any upcoming public events for Republican candidates in your area, you can let everyone know, so that other concerned citizens can get out there.

This project will enable folks to keep track of Republican candidates running for every office, up and down the ballot.

Please help fight back against Republicans’ shadowy tactics — participate in The Accountability Project: