Where Are The Pro Lifers ?

Pro life, or rather pro embryos, because their concern for life after birth remains questionable. After birth, dear little embryos, chances are they’ll hunt you down with guns and bullets if you choose to be a Doctor brave enough, and compassionate enough to save women’s lives, while being tagged as an abortionist. 

After birth, if you are a woman, they’ll pierce your heart with words that will burn like vitriol simply because of your ability to give birth. If you are a women, they’ll instigate civil uproar to shut down, Planned Parenthood  or abortion clinics, whose purpose is to help you live a healthy adult life.
Moreover, what are these pro lifers doing for kids born with disabilities that are so severe that they are unable to have a life by themselves, defend themselves, walk, talk, eat, and sometimes breathe by themselves?
Are they on the front line when it’s time to stand up for those that society tends to ignore? Are they signing petitions or giving funds or doing ANYTHING to support programs, like T.R.O.T., Bridge School or several others that are struggling to mend those lives, shattered forever at birth?
Today we would like to see all those pro lifers, dropping their guns, their violence, their spirit of revenge, their rhetoric, and start walking their talk, by throwing all of their energy into bringing down ignominious practices, like this one, inflicted to those of us with special needs.

Treatment of disable kids at Judge Rotenberg Center

Life at all cost? Dear pro lifers….Among those born by virtue of your oppressing scare tactics, are these kids (watch video)… So, fight for their rights, and fight for their life, because they can’t…
<a href=”http://www.change.org/petitions/judge-rotenberg-educational-center-please-stop-painful-electric-shocks-on-your-students?utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=friend_inviter_modal&#8221;


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