Employee Coercion Blues

By  Hidden Investigator

Oppression by intimidation.  An enslaving trend, made possible by threats of being fired. FIRED ! A word that took center stage, with Trump and ” The Apprentice” .  Too fit , to be missed, by Presidential candidate Mitt Romney who admitted : ” I love being able to fire people”, like : the President, Big Bird… and thousand of employees through vulture investment practice. The significant contrast, here is the juxtaposition of ” We need to create Jobs” and “I love firing” , in the same public speech. Then comes a puzzling finding: those hungry  for “Jobs”, choose to ignore the word “Fired” . They refuse to see the whole picture.

But you see, “Fired” is not overlooked by everyone. Those who own businesses, get another picture. It goes like this: If I own a business, I have the power of hiring and firing at will.  Meanwhile, ironically, candidate Romney “Fired up” the crowd, to be potentially “Fired” !

Talk about being on hot ejectable seats… Here are samples of Neo Republicans business trends inspired by Romney/Ryan and Tea party Associated.

Example #1

Coal miners got no choice….

Exemple #2

The Koch brothers ” kind advices” to their employees.

Exemple #3

This last one really hits home. When a friend, owner of ,  ASG (Advanced System Group)  noticed that a software manufacturer with the same initials, ASG, was making headlines on “Colbert Report” for attempting to sway his employees. Our friend jumping to his screen, seeking to reassure his employees by sending email in the middle of the night.