GMO Banned From Kenya and Peru…..

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The Kenyan government  declares a total ban on genetically modified products, a week after Peru’s own anti-GMO ‘s bill..

The kenyan government didn’t fix a time limit to the ban. They’ll investigate the effects of GMO and depending the findings, they will  decide the future of  genetically modified organisms in their country. This announcement comes a week after Peruvian Parliament approved a 10 year suspension on cultivation and importation of GM seeds livestock and fish.

The Peruvian story  stems from a Wikileaks document released in 2011, and clearly shows Peru being targeted by the GMO industry,  as part of their outreach-expansion effort. The public reacted violently  after President Alan García,  as a parting gift,  passed a decree that lifted Peru’s restriction on GMO  cultivation. A decision that forced Rafael Quevedo, Peru’s Minister of Agriculture, out of office.  And Last July,  President Ollanta Humala, a well-known GMO opponent,  was elected,  guaranteeing that he’ll sign the proposition, making it final.

Olianta Humala, Peruvian President 2012

In addition,  a little known fact reported from Russia, shows that use of Monsanto corn was suspended last September,  after a French study found a high rate of cancer in rats fed over a two year period with their Ready Round brand.

Meanwhile in the US, home of the planet’s biggest food polluter, California‘s November election carried prop. 37 to popular vote.  Prop. 37 asked for the labeling of a selected amount of GMO items,  including the so-called “Organic” brands infused with GMOs without anybody knowing. .  In response,  Monsanto fed a “NO to 37”  by spending $ 1 million a day campaign of negative  TV  ads across California.  This proposition was ready to make history,  for being the first of this kind in the country. Instead it ended defeated .

Comedian Bill Maher,  joked about  “….. people also still idiots: see YES PROP 37, they voted AGAINST knowing what they’re putting in their mouth.”  This is one side of the mirror.  On the other side there’s Monsanto, influencing consumers’ mind in a way leading them to believe that GMOs are safe and that requiring labeling will send food prices skyrocketing.

GMO fruit label tips


We’ll update here on GMO’s stories and tips.  Meanwhile,  if you are interested by what’s cooking in your food here are some  informative  links: