California Prop.37, Vote Count, Mysterious Update

Not that it will turn the results of the election around.  Statistics already broke the news and we know that supporters of Prop. 37 lost their fight. Although the race was and remains close. Votes are still counted more for the sake of Democracy, than for a real change in final tally.   That doesn’t stop some post election watchdogs to monitor daily results, on the State Department website. That’s how Food-Democracy, showed up on the radar screen, Face Book that is, with a petition for transparency on Prop.37 votes. Why so much attention ?

When chances of going from No to Yes by virtue of finishing counting the remaining bulletins are next to zero,  why reignite the fraud electoral burner ? The answer is in two pictures below, showing the prop. 37 return page for Dec. 3rd and Dec. 4th.

Since then, the screen shot taken on Dec. 4th mysteriously vanished like it never existed. Instead what we are currently seeing is December 3rd with a result trimmed from  17, 700 votes that evaporated with the 4th of December page.

That brings another question,  how such confusion happens on California’s State Department site,  that ought to be reliable. There’s certainly an explanation and we are waiting for it,  for the sake of Democracy….