Final Cut For Good

By Inside Tech team

After several months of suspense for Apple FCP customers, It’s now official, Final Cut Pro is no longer available. Apple killed it ! 

Avril 2011, the release of Final Cut Pro X, O’Brien style

Since its initial release, FCP  became the tool of choice for professional editing. Each new version was an occasion for enthusiastic exploration of new features, new creative projects, and of course new dreams about how it could get even better .

Instead the very anticipated last version was a slap in the face of the industry. FCP X has nothing in common with the familiar product, but the name.  From Hollywood post production units to independent movie makers and users group around the country a growing discontent  eventually caught Apple almighty’s attention.

Under bitter criticisms, the Company reluctantly handed a 800 number to call for ordering remaining copies of the beloved software, at $1000 a piece. This solution wasn’t ideal but a number of users took advantage of it. Until two days ago when the Apple on-line store team answered to a customer in these terms: ” We no longer support FCP. We also do not sell the user license for it. If you ran it on the new IMac (or any iMac) with Mountain Lion, or Lion, it would probably have some glitches that you would be unhappy with.  Adobe is a great product, and will run well on the new OS and iMac.”

In other words, we are not serving the professional niche anymore. Adobe does it better . The mass market is our future.