Franco- Russian New Agreement

France and Russia trading dissident.
France and Russia trading dissidents.

” Mr . Poutine, Send us those 3  ( the Pussy Riot) and we ‘ll send you those 3 ( Gerard Depardieu, Brigitte Bardot and MIreille Mathieu )…”

Depardieu case is solved. Last Thursday he received his Russian passport, after moving in Belgium to escape higher tax rate imposed by the French Government struggling with European economic austerity.  Yesterday the actor,  arrived at Sotchi, on the Black Sea shores to meet with Vladimir Poutine, confirmed the Kremlin spoke person.

Brigitte Bardot’s situation is different, she’ s threatening  to take the Russian nationality if the City Zoo of Lyon persisted in its intent to euthanized two elephants suffering from tuberculosis.  However, we don’t believe that Russian authority is ready for an animal rights activist extremist of this caliber.

As for Mireille Mathieu, she always claimed her love for Russia, and the Russian public adored her.  So it would provide additional leverage on the French side. Meanwhile French Green party EELV is requested that the Pussy Riot becomes honor citizens of Paris…….We are all waiting Poutine reaction.