Courbet ‘Origins of the World’ missing parts. Really ?

It’s not everyday that a dismembered masterpiece recovers all its pieces. But today, French Magazine, Paris Match , reveals to the world the top part of the scandalous and provocative Gustave Courbet’s Masterpiece, “The Origins of the World”. This painting hangs in Paris’ Orsay Museum since 1995 after a life of hiding and before it became viral on the Internet. For some it’s a disturbing exposure of women’s intimacy, for others a…..

defiant symbolism of the origin of all human lives. According to Paris Match’s report, these legs spread in anonymous abandon were a ” private order from Khalil-Bey, inveterate libertine and former ambassador of the Ottoman Empire, who was not immune from sexually transmitted diseases. Having contracted syphilis from a prostitute, he wanted some kind of visual expression of his misadventure” .  An explanation contrasting with the pompous title under which this masterpiece came to fame. Its inspiration was pure debauchery, and the painting was doomed, most of its life. Today we learn that it has also been decapitated, and one of the arms were missing. They were found on the second painting, probed by a “reliable” French expert who is demonstrating his conclusion with a sketch in a video ( In French! ).

In Courbet's footstep retracing the creation of  "Origins of the World",
In Courbet’s footstep retracing the creation of the “Origins of the World”,

The video ends with the painting being wrapped in a cloth and packed in a small suitcase. Showing that the journey of the masterpiece’s upper part, after a brief appearance under the limelight,  is now returning to obscurity…..