Remembering the danger facing war correspondents.

Since French photographer Olivier  Voisin was killed,  2 more journalists lost their lives in Pakistan.

  • 1 March 2013 – Mehmood Ahmed Afridi – Correspondant pour le journal Intikhab
  • 27 February 2013 – Malik Mumtaz Khan – Geo News TV, groupe de presse Jang

The casualty counter is turning fast on Reporters Without Border’s site. For us it’ s time to reflects on this situation, We have a lot of material to help us formed pour own opinion. For starters, we want you to go meet photojournalist Lindsey Addarion, interviewed by Christiane Amanpour, on February 22.  The discussion, is about the increasing risks that the journalists are now facing.  As a consequence free lance journalists who, until recently were traditionally those covering the conflicts zones, start feeling restricted in their assignment.  Are you ready to sacrifice your own safety to bring this unique shot? Do you think there’s alternative,  like the one chose by Lindsay in her last trip to Syria ?

Sunday, February, 24th 2013: French free-lance war photographer, Olivier Voisin, succumbs to his injuries in Antakya International Hospital. The victim of a car bombing incident in Syria two days previous. He is the 10th journalist killed since January 2013.

Saturday, February, 23rd, 2013: Reporters Without Border, reports on the condition of A French freelance photographer, badly injured yesterday in the Syrian hell. Between life and death, he is treated in a Turkish hospital., his personal web site , shows scenes from Syria he witnessed, shot and brought back for all to see, with descriptions written like an open diary.

Friday, February. 22sd, 2003: Today it’s been a year that war correspondent Marie Colvin and French war photo reporter Remi Ochlik, lost their lives in a bombardment in Syria. They are deeply missed by their community worldwide.

However no one is missing Remi more than Emilie Blachere, his partner, reporter at Paris Match, who wrote him an emotional love letter (in English) via Le Journal de la Photographie

War zone correspondents are increasingly becoming the enemy to shoot, kidnap or jail. Last year the death toll escalates, reaching a total loss of 132 deaths . Since the beginning of 2013, 13 of our colleagues were killed, reports Reporters Without Borders . Moreover, most of these war crimes are not prosecuted. Until now, nothing has been done to protect journalists effectively. Today the community is reaching out with….


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