Destination ordeal…

” ….We start kidnapping Western citizens in any spot in the world, whether in the Islamic Maghreb, Egypt, Iraq or any other easy kidnapping places and the only demand is the halt of attacks on civilians in Yemen which is a just and humanitarian demand that will create world support and a public opinion pressure in America as they are being hurt again. We, therefore, aim at the core of the nation’s strategy which if failed, America, will accordingly collapse. We also are taking part in laying a block in the promising Islamic State in the Arab peninsula…”

This excerpt comes from a memo written by Abdullah bin Mohammed in June 2011. It was found by AP in Timbuktu a few days ago after the French and coalition armies freed the city from the alqueda-aqmi-terrorist-jihadist supervillains whose intent was to radicalize the entire region since February 2012.

Meanwhile, 7 tourists including 4 children were kidnapped a week ago in Cameroon by Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad,” a.k.a the Boko Haram militants. “They want the liberation of their brothers detained in Cameroon and Nigeria.” Read one of the captives in a video released on Daily Motion,.

Today French officials declared that they will not negotiate with the Jihadists. The fate of this family is pending. Their lives hang in the balance.