Are Drills for real ?

As expected, we are just learning that several touristic municipalities, particularly appealing for young children and families, are being asked to perform surprise bomb drills in populated places like beaches, amusement parks, boardwalks, monuments, museums etc…Curious, we ask, “why such secrecy?”, why not publicize it on the air, like we do for earthquakes and fires?

“We noticed that no one in our good ol’ US of A has any experience in terms of surprise bombing, targeted drone bombings and so on,” explains our anonymous source. This gives our enemies a head start. Now, in Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, they all know how to protect themselves against unexpected attacks, from air and on the ground, at any given time of day. It has become as natural as breathing. It doesn’t stop casualties all together, but overtime, we’re confident it will. Here, as we observed just recently in Boston, we are lack data of behavior during such bombings to help us understand how to better be prepared and significantly reduce human casualties. This is a matter of National Security, each of us should know how to protect themselves from these types of attacks. Everyone who has pledged allegiance to the flag should cooperate. Furthermore, we also notice how important it is to keep the location and times of these drills secret. Past experiences proved that real terrorists are taking advantage of these drills to plant their own bombs, this corrupts our plan and creates extreme damages and confusion, and this is not what we intended. However, we are actively researching the origin of the leak that alerted the Tsarnaev brothers of our massive drill operation, and we’ll crack down on thatsoon “. With all of this information, our reporters searched for drills in their area, and were lucky to be able to videotape two drills. One involving a drone, and another one involving two adults. We can’t repeat enough: extreme caution is required at all times, these drills can happen anytime and we can’t differentiate a drill from a real attack. So be on your guard, know the protocol for bombing control, guns are useless. Of course we changed the name of the location to conform with Homeland Security Guidelines (HSG).


Drill # 1: Drone bombing drill action

Drill #2: Explosion targeting two adults.

As you can see these two adults are running far away from the explosion, this is irresponsible. If you run, airborne debris can hit you, putting an end to your course. You need to drop face down, in fetal position while protecting your head with your arms.

These drills were made possible by virtue of virtual reality, with explosives expert, Allan Lundell, using Extreme FX tools, in an undisclosed location.