Exiled Syrian opposition leader: ” Chemical attack, a set up “.

Meet Haytham Manna, a Paris-based Syrian opposition leader, in exile for 35 years. Manna became a spokesperson for the NCC National Coalition Committee, a controversial organization.

for Democratic change in Syria with ex-insiders of the Assad regime in its ranks. Today,  Manna expresses his views about a military intervention in Syria in an interview published by LE VIF be. Translated excerpt :

LE VIF : The use of chemical weapons in Syria could lead the West to “punish” the regime. What do you think?

Haytham MANNA: I am totally against it, as well as  the organization of which I am the head of. This will only strengthen the regime. Moreover,  an intervention may exacerbate further violence, adding destruction to already destroyed and dismantled means for political dialogue. The Assad regime is primarily responsible because he chose the military-security option. But how can we talk of war against terrorism and give a hand to extremists affiliated with Al Qaeda?……

LE VIF:  Who is responsible for the latest chemical weapons massacre? 

HM:We can’t really tell. But our data is not consistent with that of President Holland. They are talking about thousands of people,  and we have a list of less than 500 names. So now we are dealing with propaganda and psychological warfare, not the truth. Also the chemical weapons that were used are makeshift. You really think the over-militarized loyalist army would use such a material? Finally, videos and photos were posted on the Internet before the attacks. But this material serves as proof for Americans!…Read More in French 

Editor: The data provided by Doctors Without Borders  ( MSF) states, that, in August 21st, about 3600 people displaying neurotoxic symptoms were brought in 3 different #Damascus hospitals supported by MSF, in just 2 hours time, and 355 died from their condition. These are the official facts and data in circulation. The type of Chemical and delivery method used is still being probed by the UN chemical inspection team. The result of their observation will be made public as soon as possible. No, the pictures of the massacre that became viral on the internet doesn’t serve as a proof. The Obama administration is awaiting the report of the UN team. their finding are based on Intelligence mainly CIA, Mossad and GID ( Jordanians). The situation inside Syria is utterly intricate with other out of country opposition groups also following diverse and obscure agendas. In this context reaching a ” peaceful settlement through negotiations”, as recommended by Haytham MANNA in an interview with the Guardian last April, seems like a pipe dream.

Uddate: Friday 08/30/2013 : Secretary of States John Kerry announced 1429 syrians dead by chemical gas, among them 426 children. We have no way to verify these figures.

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