it looks like colorful glass window with colors from different shades of blue with a strike of yellow meeting an area of different shades of red. On the right a full size picture of Jeff in Tuxe, bow tie and belt matching one of his painting Hand in his pocket he exults success. .

Paintings We Wish We Could Frolic In

Jeff Hanson is one of a kind. At 20 years old, he developed his own painting style, gave $1M to charity, and his colorful, textured artwork business is booming.  At the heart of his success is the sense of joy he communicates through his creations. Bold, primary colored shapes seem to jump out of their frame, inviting us to a world of uplifting sensations.  Jeff brings to us what he sees and touches like any other artist, except his vision is unique. Without talented individuals like him, we would never know that perspective.

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