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Santa Cruz Museum: Gigantic Mural in Progress

Video created by Tiffany Campbell.

This video documents the creation of Thomas Campbell’s epic artwork as part of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History’s Work in Progress exhibition. Thomas began his work in December of 2012 and will complete the project in late February of 2013, at which point the work will remain on display at the Museum through March 17, 2013.

 The 75 ft long tridimensional mural  is the most ambitious work  ever produced by the multi talented, Thomas Campbell.  An artist who’s work became famous  across the Californian, and International surf and skateboard culture.

Picture courtesy of  Santa Cruz  MAH (Museum Art and Histoire )


How To Avoid Being #Raped ?

In these past months, several high profiles rape cases, from India to Congo Africa, triggered a wave of sour abomination here in the US, like everywhere else. In fact, around here it isn’t any better,  statistics on”sexual assault”, in California are alarming, and “extremely underreported…..”

In part because it’s perceived by half of the victims, as bringing more trouble than protection.  Mainly because of noticeable reversed rulings, where judges blame the victims for their own rape :

– Janvier 06 2013California court overturns rape conviction because victim was not married

– December  13 2012 :  California judge says victim’s bodies can prevent rape.

 – Novembre 29  2012Defense Attorney Blames 11-Year-Old Rape Victim Because That’s His Job

– November 02 2012 : Moraga School District ( North California) : Child Sex abuse Victim was ” careless and negligent” .  She was 11. 

<p>Today, the One Billion Rising coalition is mobilizing men and women across the world to demand an end to violence against women and girls”. Reports Jasmin Witbread in HuffPost.</p><br>

Meanwhile, a study based on confessions of jailed rapists and date rapists is sending mixed messages. It offers self defense tips, while reinforcing the idea that women have tools at their disposal to prevent attack and fight attackers, and should use them.

RIP@Reeva SteenKamp, model, law graduate, activist.

reeva-steenkampRIP @Reeva Steenkamp, model , and activist campaigning against rape and violence against women. Shot dead on Valentine’s Day, 2013. A few hours after she retweeted :”WEAR BLACK THIS FRIDAY IN SUPPORT AGAINST #RAPE.”….More @AP

Update: Her unique appearance in a reality show, from which she was outed, aired as schedule on Saturday. The broadcast infuriates the women  right activist. “Rachel Jewkes, a gender and health researcher at the South African Medical Research Council (MRC), said the clips were particularly insensitive” report HT. In a country where the crime rate against women is the second highest in the world, according to statistics, this topic is highly sensitive.

What do you think tasteless, or not ?

Les belles et la guerre _Models and warriors

Expo Magnum Photo sur une association osèe entre deux mondes aux antipodes. Un lien commun, l’oeil du reporter photographe qui a pris les photos….

Expo Magnum Photo on : daring association  between two opposite world.  One common link, the lens of the photographer who took these pictures…..

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