Why We Need Healthcare Reform

Mail to the Editor

Dear friend!

My enthusiasm, as you call it, stems from the fact that I’m now disabled because appropriate treatment was declined by my Medical Group, just because it had to be performed by a specialist.
The initial treatment requested by my primary physician was a simple laser session that would have saved my eye and cost $1500.  Instead, I went through nine surgeries and lost my eye.  Do the math!   Continue reading Why We Need Healthcare Reform

The Rise Of Human Trafficking

How many of us, stared at the side of a milk carton showing a picture of a lost one? Picture ID frozen in a lost time. A time when these faces disappeared and never came back. Curly blonds, darker skins, young Asians, boys, girls…Now certainly unrecognizable.
Where did they go? Are they runaways? Abandoned?…. Or abducted?
Abducted… this word is always taking me on edge: my throat is twisting, my heart is falling in a vacuum, and my imagination is in a paralyzing denial. My brain can’t go further, rejecting the revolting idea of human trade in our modern time wrapped up with the ideals of Civil Rights, human rights,” Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”…

We don’t want turn our head and pretend, not when the number of slaves has never been that high. Volunteers of the organization Free The Slaves are reporting, and It’s so chilling, it feels unreal. Here what they know:
This buried phenomenon trapped 23 million of us, traded across continents for a basic price of $90 all accross the world. A sharp drop down compare to the $40 000 price tag (in today’s money) of a South American slave in 1850.
Slaves harvest cocoa in the Ivory Coast, make charcoal used to produce steel in Brazil or Africa, weave carpets in India and on and on…the products “made by slaves”, are landing in our stores. Without knowing, we are buying and instantly feeding this growing trend lead by unscrupulous slave holders.

We would like to ignore this plague. We want to believe that slavery belongs to the past, and if it happens it’s far away from our civilized nations. Wrong! Slavery is in our backyards, now.
Studies conducted by University of Berkeley, California “found documented cases of slavery and human trafficking in more than 90 cities across the United States.”

According to “Free the Slaves”, by acting we can track the human shadows locked in slavery, break their chains and bring them back to the world of the free.
Their site is loaded with stories told by inspiring individuals speaking about their journey from captivity to dignity. http://tiny.cc/jLRdc
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Mendocino Ecological Learning Center.

In North California and nowhere else !  This inspiring and unique initiative was born in 2003 from a group of “organic farmers, educators, naturalists, artists, and people seeking innovative alternatives to destructive farming, housing, energy and land management practices”.

Today one of them, Max is exilarating:” MELC is hosting the 5th annual International Sustainable Skills Camp (ISSC) here at our nonprofit Permaculture education center! This year we have 13 students from 7 countries and everyone is getting work and projects done while learning about Sustainable living and having a great time together as an international family! Life is AMAZING!!!

In an astonishing 31 acres land, MELC  is proving day after day, that our planet can provide sustainable foods, energy  and protection for all living elements. As the basic knowledge of preserving the Earth while receiving what we need from it are being lost . Each and every initiative aiming to restore this natural flow in our culture is not only exciting.  It plants the seeds for preservation of our health and environment alike, balancing the reality of  self destructive habits that became the trademark of  our  “advanced” civilization.   http://www.melc.us

Carole Illouz-Thompson

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A collective of journalists and students in journalism.

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