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Santa Cruz Museum: Gigantic Mural in Progress

Video created by Tiffany Campbell.

This video documents the creation of Thomas Campbell’s epic artwork as part of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History’s Work in Progress exhibition. Thomas began his work in December of 2012 and will complete the project in late February of 2013, at which point the work will remain on display at the Museum through March 17, 2013.

 The 75 ft long tridimensional mural  is the most ambitious work  ever produced by the multi talented, Thomas Campbell.  An artist who’s work became famous  across the Californian, and International surf and skateboard culture.

Picture courtesy of  Santa Cruz  MAH (Museum Art and Histoire )

Courbet ‘Origins of the World’ missing parts. Really ?

It’s not everyday that a dismembered masterpiece recovers all its pieces. But today, French Magazine, Paris Match , reveals to the world the top part of the scandalous and provocative Gustave Courbet’s Masterpiece, “The Origins of the World”. This painting hangs in Paris’ Orsay Museum since 1995 after a life of hiding and before it became viral on the Internet. For some it’s a disturbing exposure of women’s intimacy, for others a…..

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