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Sexual abuse in the military: A movie makes it clear.

Academy Award nominee for best featured documentary,  the “Invisible War”,  is  a truth-striking  investigative report shedding light on the culture of  sexual abuse in the US army. Written and directed by Kirby Dick, and producer Amy Ziering… 

The film collected an array of cases, gathering several testimonies of victims from  the combat zone to our national bases. According to the Departement of  Defense 19,000 service men and women were sexually assaulted  in 2012. Its estimated that 86% of the cases stayed unreported.  Among those reported cases, very few end in court-martial,  even fewer end with a conviction and it rarely sends the offender to jail.

For Kirby and Amy:  “The main reason for this leniency is a chronic vacuum inside the military justice system. Those who are receiving these complaints are in the same chain of command  than the victims or the assailants. It’s obvious that justice is not served “, they explain in a recent interview with NPR Neal Conan.

Just after their Sundance Award, Kirby admitted:  ” We didn’t do this movie for the public only. We edited it with the expectation that it will be viewed closely by members of the government.” And thats exactly what happened. The film made its way to the Pentagon and Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense, was able to watch it. “Two days later he held a press Conference and announced some changes based on Kirby’s remarks, and credited the film for his decision,” said Amy.

On February 24th, they hope to have an even greater impact by winning the Oscar of their category.

Update:March 7th 2014

The senate Block the bill on military sexual assault