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Androids Can Now Dream Of Electric Sheeps

It 1968, Philip K. DIck wrote , ” Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheeps? “, a Science Fiction novel , which inspired Blade Runner 24 years after its publication. This post apocalyptic story, also inspired Scott Drave  to create, Electric Sheep,  at first glance, a bright, colorful, and enchanted screen saver, multi platforms. Not  exceptionally exciting, only this live wallpaper is even more alive than it looks.  You see, when running Electric Sheeps, we are connected with thousands of people also playing Electric Sheeps and adding new frames to the flock.  On each of our end what we see is the result of  ” quite possibly the largest collaborative artwork ever coded by a team from all over the world.  The ” sheep” designs  evolve in a Darwinian way based on what viewers like. Overtime popular sheeps mate and breed, creating and endless variety of imagery via genetic algorithms. This process have been going on since 1999, ” explains Scott. Recently adapted to Android system, dreaming about electric sheep doesn’t sound like a fiction.

EC works on Mac/Win/Linux platforms is shareware

Itunes APP for IPad is $1.99