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Mendocino Ecological Learning Center.

In North California and nowhere else !  This inspiring and unique initiative was born in 2003 from a group of “organic farmers, educators, naturalists, artists, and people seeking innovative alternatives to destructive farming, housing, energy and land management practices”.

Today one of them, Max is exilarating:” MELC is hosting the 5th annual International Sustainable Skills Camp (ISSC) here at our nonprofit Permaculture education center! This year we have 13 students from 7 countries and everyone is getting work and projects done while learning about Sustainable living and having a great time together as an international family! Life is AMAZING!!!

In an astonishing 31 acres land, MELC  is proving day after day, that our planet can provide sustainable foods, energy  and protection for all living elements. As the basic knowledge of preserving the Earth while receiving what we need from it are being lost . Each and every initiative aiming to restore this natural flow in our culture is not only exciting.  It plants the seeds for preservation of our health and environment alike, balancing the reality of  self destructive habits that became the trademark of  our  “advanced” civilization.   http://www.melc.us

Carole Illouz-Thompson