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Hyper- Sensorial, the Blind Power

Translated excerpt from the page Voir Autrement

I’m blind from birth, but certainly not “unseeing” This is just one aspect of my life which I hope does not appear central to my social life or stories. Nevertheless it would be foolish to forget about it, especially because it can have a pedagogic property for at least two reasons:

– For other blind people, it can be a way, among others, to live with their cecity instead of treating it as an obstacle. That was never the case for me, and the experiences described in my site testify to that: I was free to pursue the exercise of my art as I wished, and probably as I would have done were I sighted; I met tons of inspiring people, I handle high-tech objects (synthesizers, sound elements, computers) often better than many others, I travel around the world and have played with a very large number of talented musicians during my various adventures… I do not aim to be a model or a mentor in the field of uninhibited blindness, but I hope to convey the message that we must have confidence in ourselves and our lives, long or short, with or without limitations, every life is worth living, and not at a minimum or a discount, but fully, to the extent of our dreams.

 For the sighted, I like to say that the problems we face are far from specific and that there is much to learn when it comes to ergonomic solutions that facilitate our lives and make more and more activities possible. But beyond this practical aspect, I would like to share how the simple fact of closing our eyes provides access to a world of new sensations, which is our permanent universe. It enhances all of our senses, not just hearing, but also smell, taste or touch, and understanding. Having a personal environment perhaps less vast but more dense grants more importance to vocal intonations, whereas the sighted could be deceived by appearances.

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