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Paintings We Wish We Could Frolic In

Jeff Hanson is one of a kind. At 20 years old, he developed his own painting style, gave $1M to charity, and his colorful, textured artwork business is booming.  At the heart of his success is the sense of joy he communicates through his creations. Bold, primary colored shapes seem to jump out of their frame, inviting us to a world of uplifting sensations.  Jeff brings to us what he sees and touches like any other artist, except his vision is unique. Without talented individuals like him, we would never know that perspective.

To  visit his website http://www.jeffreyowenhanson.com


































Courbet ‘Origins of the World’ missing parts. Really ?

It’s not everyday that a dismembered masterpiece recovers all its pieces. But today, French Magazine, Paris Match , reveals to the world the top part of the scandalous and provocative Gustave Courbet’s Masterpiece, “The Origins of the World”. This painting hangs in Paris’ Orsay Museum since 1995 after a life of hiding and before it became viral on the Internet. For some it’s a disturbing exposure of women’s intimacy, for others a…..

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