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Touched By The Words Of The President

By email from a reader (EFR)

This morning, you helped me reinforcing my credibility. I don’t know about you, but my children are absolutely convince that we, as parents, are always wrong. They want to explore and we want to keep them in leash. They want to be free to do what pleased them, and we are imposing rules: why school ? How can it be more important than video games? I Particularly appreciated the words on training, because my kids, do want to be the best…. instantly. Training is just another trick for parents to show their authority.
So the more voices coming from outside our family box the merrier, Including the voice of a President. When HIllary Clinton said to ” Raise a Child It Needs a Village” I don’t remember any outrage.  Continue reading Touched By The Words Of The President

Why We Need Healthcare Reform

Mail to the Editor

Dear friend!

My enthusiasm, as you call it, stems from the fact that I’m now disabled because appropriate treatment was declined by my Medical Group, just because it had to be performed by a specialist.
The initial treatment requested by my primary physician was a simple laser session that would have saved my eye and cost $1500.  Instead, I went through nine surgeries and lost my eye.  Do the math!   Continue reading Why We Need Healthcare Reform